About Curators Of Change CIC

Our reason for being is not easy to define. It is simple enough on many levels. Good human relationships, honest conversations, and a willingness to be vulnerable at the core of what we do.

Taking inspiration from our years of experience, lived, professional, life and more, and a little bit of pirate… We may be a minority, but we know how to have an impact.

We don’t bring a magic formula, any life changing toolkits, or visions or strategies, we bring ourselves and our experiences, and various shipmates we have connected with on the way.

We are vulnerable, curious and courageous being willing to work outside of the confines of current system and process driven ways of brining about change – choosing deliberately to focus on the relational BEFORE the transactional way of doing things.

We want to know WHY you want to do things differently before we can even begin to understand HOW or WHAT you will do…

Then we want to sail alongside you, bringing with us a bit of rebellion, a willingness to support rule breaking, telling stories old and creating the new

We believe that (OUR CODE):

Good human to human relationships are key to successful change in health and care.

Every person has untapped potential, and our responsibility to each other is to unlock that potential

The current health and care system is struggling under its own weight, is creaking and bulging and not quite sure how to care for itself.

Caring for the systems starts with caring for the people who work within those systems and the people who are supported by them.

There is no ONE magic formula for successful change, because each person working in and being supported by our current systems is unique.

Tapping into the unique potential is the KEY to unlocking even more human potential, and freeing people to live the lives they want to live, with the support that helps them to do this.

There is NO one size fits all. Human potential comes in many shapes – each of us (with the right support) is shaped to reach our own potential

There is no such things as living ‘independently’. We are ALL dependent on other people most of the time… We are all ‘interdependent’

We all have LIVED EXPERIENCE, of realising our own potential. There is no ‘us and them’ just ‘us’.

All change has to start from the point of what matters TO people, not with. Focussing on WHY we are doing it first, and not WHAT we think will solve the problem.

This means that breaking ‘the code’ that is embedded within the psyche of current systems and process. Doing things differently.

Taking time out to Be More Pirate is key to realising our collective potential.

We’ve seen the tangible results of being alongside others on their journey of coproduction.

As we travel, the scenery changes, trusting relationships and hope grow, people’s mental health and confidence improves and they feel that progress.

We also notice that those involved ‘feel’ that people who work and manage in organisations, actually care and really do want to work collaboratively without hidden agendas.

We believe that co-production is an effective way we can lift the most marginalised voices and begin to tackle social justice questions.

Co-production is not the ‘easiest’ path because its opens space for diverse views, its based on acts of trust and needs long term investment. Coproduction forces us to challenge our assumptions and takes all of us into our growth and uncertainty zone. In times that feel chaotic and out of control – these skills and approaches are vital for helping us light the path and navigate together.

Video Show reel to sum up the work – Mission Statement – Bringing the human back to life – we are currently coproducing our mission statement, values .etc

Some of our friends and partners have described why co-production is so important and what it can do…

‘’Co-production brings together different forms of lived or living and learnt (personal and professional) knowledge, understanding, and experience, for better outcomes and mutual benefit.’’ Our Approach | Co-Production Collective

“It’s the feeling that you get when everyone involved in a project is bringing their own different set of skills… and it’s working in harmony… we all have our own different areas of expertise we bring to a project, so it’s not that anybody is of higher value or lesser value… when that works really well and we’re all treating each other as equals in that project… we’ve all got our own areas of interest and agency in tasks that we’re dealing with delivering on those – that feeling when that project comes together at the end is just amazing. Because we’ve all contributed equally in our own way and the end piece of work – it really does feel collaborative – it feels like we’ve all inputted into this equally.”


‘’We believe that actioning co-production is imperative to inclusive and evidence-based service development’’

https://sti.bmj.com/content/99/5/293 ‘’

Race to address sexual health inequalities among people of Black Caribbean heritage: could co-production lead to more culturally appropriate guidance and practice?’’